Born and raised in southern California, Tess found she had a good ear for music at the tender age of seven, and as been singing her heart out ever since.

Some of the first song's she learned and sang came from listening to them in Girl Scouts, elementary school and church. Being the oldest of six children, “Mom and Dad encouraged us all to get involved in music in school and whatever instrument my brothers brought home I would pick up and start playing too.” 

Tess participated in choir, marching band, orchestra, madrigals, concert chorale, and theater arts while in middle and high school. She went on to study English and Performing Arts before settling in on Vocal Performance as her main creative outlet. 

Her love of music centered mostly on Classical and Liturgical music and Tess has been a church soloist, psalmist and cantor at several congregations in California and Washington.  She has performed major choral works with the Canto Bello Master Chorale in 2008, and had the good fortune to study with Ralph Cato at the University of Riverside prior to joining the Riverside Lyric Opera.  There she performed in both RLO concert series and full opera productions, and was selected to perform as part of an international cultural exchange with opera and orchestra.

After moving to Washington, Tess discovered the enormous wealth of musically talented individuals living in the North Olympic Peninsula area.  Being surrounded by the generously talented musicians has given Tess the opportunity to become involved with, and to fall in love with, a whole new genre of music exploring American and Brazilian jazz, the standards of the Great American songbook, and contemporary soft-rock and pop as the lead vocalist for BlueSkyz.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jason grew up taking lessons on piano and violin.  By the age of eleven, the guitar became his instrument of choice.  “The guitar had frets!” --which made it easier than trying to guess at finger placement on the violin’s neck.  Since then, Jason has performed and trained in jazz, classical, country, rock, blues, soul, and pop standards. 

Jason was trained and licensed as an Architect for his “day job.”  Over the years, Jason worked on documenting and quality checking such varied projects as schools, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and military projects.  He has produced advanced criminal justice planning standards for the Department of Justice, as well as advanced building design and energy standards for a 22 hospital healthcare system in the Midwest.  Jason has also worked for limited stretches as a sailing instructor, door to door salesman, and kitchen and bath designer.

Jason has performed and recorded with many bands, venues, and occasions for the enjoyment of listeners young and old alike.  “I like to play songs that I enjoy and have fun performing.  Something is wrong if you’re not enjoying the journey.”
Jason has been a late bloomer when it comes to his vocal talents.  Jason has performed with his church over the past few years in Sequim, WA.  During that time, Jason’s baritone vocal abilities have been greatly enhanced under the tutelage of world class musical director, Lorraine Martin. Lorraine’s focus on widely varied music from Hayden, Beethoven, Mozart, Negro Spirituals and contemporary songs has provided a great appreciation for the ability of music to take you to new destinations. 

Jason has provided solo and harmony performances for Lorraine at church and has gone on to sing jazz standards such as, “The More I See You”, “What a Wonderful World”, and “This Guy’s In Love.”

Jason is married and has two daughters.  He enjoys golfing, hiking, and night clubbing in his off hours.  Jason would like to see more and more of the immense musical talents of the Olympic Peninsula blossom into a destination point for those seeking wonderful music to enhance their spiritual and emotional journeys.

“Music is great vehicle to help relieve our stress and hush the inner voice within ourselves.  Music helps lead us to the here and now, the beauty of the present, the infinite depth of our existence, and our awakening to the universal Higgs Energy Field of our universe.”